Our Mission

We are one of the foremost experts on insuring the key man of your company. We help you take precautions against the loss of your critical people. The sum insured is paid to the business when the key person who has been insured dies or is permanently disabled.

Our insurance policy replaces the revenue that is lost during the absence of the key man. This can also include the cost of replacing him and carrying out the executive search.

There is bound to be a big negative blow on the ability of the business to perform its duties in the absence, temporary or permanent, of this individual. Our company is here to get you up and get you going after the key person has succumbed. We pay you a lump sum amount that will help you deal with any and all issues that are bound to arise due to the absence of the key person. We have comprehensive and simple packages that you can choose from. We offer you services as per your preferences and ensure that we support you through the tragedy.

The importance of the key person in question is directly proportional to the cover that is placed on him.

Key man Life Insurance

In this personal insurance, the payout arrives only in case of death and not otherwise. The rest can be taken care of with Key man Critical Insurance.

Key man Critical Insurance

Critical insurance is considered to be a personal insurance policy. When the key person falls ill, the payment is made accordingly.

We are here to suit your needs and personal choices. Our mission is to give you everything you need when your key person is suddenly unavailable. We want to be the key to getting you back on your feet. That is our mission.